25 março 2011

Debby Ryan gets consoled by Brenda Song in this new still from the upcoming The Suite Life Movie.
JustJaredJr.com sat down with Debby, 17, on the set of the movie recently and found out all about Bailey’s mission in the flick. Check it:
JJJ: How do you feel about The Suite Life finally getting its own DCOM?
Debby Ryan: “It’s so exciting! Obviously, I was a fan of the show before I ever got a role on it. It’s cool because it’s not a show that’s really hyped. We are really the only show on Disney right now that has no merchandising. I like to say that we’re the secret of Disney (laughs). They’ve actually been talking about this show having a DCOM for five years.”
JJJ: What challenges will Bailey come up against?
DR: “It’s all about the communication with Cody (Cole Sprouse) and trying to make things right between them. The fact that he’s at this internship makes it ten times harder for Bailey.”
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JJJ: What’s going on with Bailey and Cody?
Debby Ryan: “What isn’t going on with them (laughs). It’s the last spring break before graduation, so it’s like the last big bang to really be with each other as much as possible before their futures. At this point, they really don’t know what they’re going to do and they’re trying to figure it out. Bailey is super excited about spring break and can’t wait to spend it with Cody, but he drops this bomb on her that he is actually going on this internship.
So, throughout the entire movie, you see Bailey trying to figure out what to do. She’s hurt by what he did and trying to figure out her own feelings about it all. She definitely wants to stay with him and keep the relationship going. Bailey is putting her feelings first and while Cody does what he needs to do as the guy in the relationship to step up and make things right. She’s trying to make herself available for things to happen.
There is also no cell phone reception at this internship. There’s zero communication. Bailey, of course, is thinking that she’s being ignored but in reality, he’s actually in danger. At the end, she realizes that she needs to save the day.”
JJJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?
DR: “One of my favorite scenes is actually between Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis) and Bailey. We actually got to block out the scene too. We got to do this dos-i-do sequence. It was so fun.
JJJ: Were there any funny stories that stood out to you?
DR: “John and Steven French, who play Ben and Sven, the Nordic twins, they’re…crazy (laughs). They’re from LA and crazy guys. Random fact about me: I listened to a lot of Weird Al growing up and I know ‘Albuquerque,’ which is a 12-minute song, by heart. We played it and we were all quoting it! It’s the craziest situation. We have dinner parties with them all the time. They’re really good cooks!
JJJ: There are a ton of twins on this set. Have you gotten used to working with them yet?
DR: It’s funny because I work with Dylan and Cole on a daily basis, but they’re like not twins (laughs). Hanging out with John and Steven and Kara and Katelyn [Pacitto] — when you ask them a question, they will answer at the same time. Then you put all four of them together…But everyone is really laid back on set, very humble and ready to work.
Check out a clip below and stay tuned for more of our interviews from the set of The Suite Life Movie — premiering Friday, March 25 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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